How to combat LAG (INTERNET DELAY) in online games

Lag is the delay in time it takes one packet of information to be sent and received from a particular server.

Lag can come about as a result of many factors. One factor is the internet upload and download speed of the Internet service provider you are paying. If your internet connection is slow (20 mega bytes per second) chances are you will hardly ever get to pull host. Getting host in an online game helps to aid in your chances of emerging victorious, especially in games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield.

It is highly important to first of all have a fast or moderately decent internet connection. Secondly you would like to disconnect any electronic devices using the same internet as you are. Making sure your internet connection is password secure helps also; as it prevents foreign users/neighbors from accessing it without your permission. If there are multiple devices connected to your internet, chances are the internet speed (specifically upload speed) will be severely reduced. Most online games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield depend solely a player’s upload speed. Although most online game studios have been slowly transitioning to using dedicated servers, there still has been a vast majority of complaints emerging from primarily Call of Duty and Battlefield players in regards to LAG.

Many people who play Call of Duty casually don’t understand the importance of having a wired connection. It is always better to have a wired connection instead of using WiFi to play online games. Some advantages of using a wired connection are

  1. More stable connections (no random errors of disconnection)
  2. A quicker on screen character animation response time opposed to using WiFi
  3. Significantly reduces magnetic interference which would hinder internet connectivity

There are types of Ethernet cables which can be used depending on the speed of your internet. below are a list of  the most common types:

CAT 5  Ethernet cable

CAT 6 Ethernet cable

The kind of modem/router you are using also helps to guarantee the chances of  better connection. it is always better to invest in a more efficient/reliable router such as the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (if using fiber optic internet) or the Netduma R1 router.

The Netduma has a feature which allows the user to calibrate the router in such a way that he/she can select the region they would like to play. e.g If you live in  the USA you can configure the router to only place you in American servers; that way you wont be playing against people in Europe or Asia.

One other vital tip is to avoid partying up with friends who live in different continents as this will affect your connection greatly depending on the amount of foreign friends within the party.  If you’re based in the USA and you party up with someone living in Russia you will mostly be on the bad end of the LAG depending on whose server the game places you in. You may be as much as 2 seconds behind in a situation where you get placed in an European server.

The remedies offered should work in most or all cases; however that does not mean you will not experience LAG ever again. The primary external factor happens to be server maintenance in which may differ in terms of frequency.