How to avoid computer viruses

Most people who browse the internet usually don’t think twice before entering infected web sites. Most people don’t even think about the type of physical media they will be placing into their disk drives  or USB drives which may be dangerous. Downloading material from infected sites usually lead to damaged computer systems, which may prove to be very costly considering the advanced engineering most computer motherboards and internal hard ware comprise of. You would want to protect your computer to the best of your ability so it is important to take basic precautions.

Image result for computer viruses

When viruses enter computers they usually tend to reproduce and spread throughout the system OS.

Here are some preventative measures

  1. Always scan physical media received from other people using anti virus software such as Macfee or Firewall.
  2. Never open emails that have exe file extensions. These usually refer to execute which in most cases would be trying to launch a malicious software on your device.
  3.  Always make sure you have anti virus software running in the background.
  4. There are some sites on the internet that allows users to check the status of web sites safety.
  5. Avoid browsing websites in which ads are constantly appearing
  6. Block spammed mails, don’t respond to them due to the high possibility of existing malware within them.
  7. make sure a scan is done after downloading any content over the internet. In most cases Anti Virus software usually tend to give you prompts just before the  file begins to download.

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