The benefits of having a Scuff Controller

Every gamer at some point in time seeks to have the upper advantage  in an offline game or online game. In most cases it happens to be online games such as Call of Duty.

Being able to defeat your opponent/opponents on the virtual battlefield is comes a s a need in order to cement your status in the global breadboards. However, using a standard controller will get you only so far. What yore seeking is total dominance and eventually Virtual Immortality. A scuff controller  can help you get to that desired goal.

With this controller you will be able to take the fight to the best and beat them.

Image result for scuf controller



Features of a Scuff controller

  1. Hair Trigger (enables a faster ads (aim down sight) time than stander controllers.
  2. Rear Paddles (Enables you to Jump shot without taking your hand off the thumbsticks)
  3. Various rapid Fire Modes
  4. Comfort Grip
  5. Customizable Concave/Convex thumbsticks

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