The reason using drum triggers is hated by many musicians and listeners.



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Drum triggers enable a drummer to perform high speed drum beats without having to hit the pedal consistently and precisely. They also enable musicians to tune the sound of the drum kit into whatever sound they wish to output when hitting different elements on the kit.


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many musicians and listeners alike hate the use of drum triggers because they perceive it as cheating. This is the feeling among many particularly in the extreme metal industry. Before the introduction of drum triggers in the music industry, drummers had to rely on their skill and experience as a drummer in order to play technical/fast. Today there has been an emergence of drummers in using drum triggers to accomplish what an experienced and highly skilled drummer could do. In some cases the drum triggers even do what may be impossible. The problem here is that it mocks the skill of a competent drummer and rewards a novice or rookie drummer the title of being great or outstanding when it is not the case. It gets worse when bands that have never used drum triggers begin to use them. Suddenly their fans begin to quest the sincerity of the music being created by the band. This is so because of the technological age we live in most things in music can be achieved by using computer programs and software. Ever wondered why your favorite singer cant pull the notes you heard on his/her studio album when live? That’s because he/she simply had their voice auto tuned to sound how they would like it to sound on the album. But their live performances make them sound like karaoke performers at down at a home for the elderly. The same applies to drummers using drum triggers; on the album they perform extremely fast and technical but when live they are skipping notes, hitting the wrong cymbals and drums and just performing sloppily.



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