How to prevent data cards from being damaged

A data card may me anything from a hotel/apartment key card to a credit/debit card.

Most people use cellular phones in the current technological age we live in. What many people do not seem to know or remember is that cellular phones carry high amounts of radiation. Radiation from cellular phones can easily damage credit cards, debit cards and any other type of card which may be digitally coded.

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Tips on how to not store your digitally coded cards

1)Keep digitally coded cards away from any device which may be giving off radiation/heat

2)Keep digitally coded cards away from wet surfaces or objects

3)They should be kept in a cool dry place

4)Prevent rubbing the digitally coded surface of the card against your body. NB hair on the human body generates static as a result of friction. In some cases when digitally coded cards come in to contact with static they usually tend to loose data stored on the card.

5)Prevent bending your card as it may crack and erase a critical portion of the code embedded in the card.